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Website under construction…

Working to get this all pretty and ready to go. I’m going to throw this disclaimer out there – I’m a writer, not a web designer. It takes me a while to figure things out. However, it is summer and I have a bit more time available to me, so you’ll likely see more improvement here in the near-ish future.

What to expect:

  • Typewriter photos (because I may be obsessed)
  • Writing updates (my primary obsession)
  • Historical things (I write displaced history – taking a group of people from one place in history and dumping them somewhere else and reveling in the chaos that ensues)
  • Selfies (because I can)
  • Pictures of plants, flowers, clouds, and sunsets (I can’t help myself)
  • Random office supplies…possibly being used properly (and possibly not)
  • Discussions about ALL THE THINGS (because I have a ton of different interests)
  • Inspirational stuff (yeah, that happens)
  • Snarky and sassy attitude (yup)
  • Links to my other websites ( is the main umbrella site for all things creative, is for all things writerly, and is focused on all books written under that pen name)

For now, enjoy this lovely photo of me wearing a binder clip tiara. Because I can.

– Melissa (aka Lysandra James)

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    More stuff under construction. Which means more for me to update. Yay?

    Featured Photos

    Random photos from my phone to keep you entertained for now.


    But where does it go?


    Oh, look. A selfie with typewriter earrings AND a flower. Who would have guessed?


    Nothing here to see, people. Just a girl and her alien friend.


    I love irises.

    Huh. Here are some social media links that don’t work.

    You can try clicking on them, if you feel like it. Have fun.

    Also, I don’t even do Twitter (or is it X?). So not my thing.

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